Glacier Technology

Working Together

Since 1979 the US has been measuring the polar ice caps and has witnessed up to a 30% increase in summer melts on major ice sheets, such as Greenland. As well, due to the increased sea temperatures of almost 2.5 degrees Celsius, the western half of the Antarctic ice sheet is melting away. These ice sheets are currently melting at a rate of thousands of kilometers per year. Research indicates that only 2% of the sun’s rays need to be diverted in order to restore the planets’ temperature to pre-industrial levels.

Patented Technology

Our patented Canopy Technology works based on the redirection and capture of the earth’s sun light. Our technology aims to reduce the amount of sunlight that directly warms the ice sheets by applying a series of aluminum derivative canopies over them, thereby achieving the dual goals of capturing the sun’s energy and diverting its power away from the weakening ice.